Raquex — Compression Arm Sleeve Review (2024)

Raquex Compression Arm Sleeve

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  • Fits well
  • High-quality material
  • Supportive
  • Breathable


  • The sleeve can be a little bit short for long-armed players

Raquex Compression Arm Sleeve Review

Review & Playtest

The compression sleeves in tennis are designed for players to support the arm and improve blood circulation. 

In this review, one of my tennis team’s players tested the light blue sleeve (Size L). The player in question is 187cm tall. According to the test player, the overall quality of the sleeve is good. The material in the sleeve is thin but supportive and the sleeve fits well in the arm and doesn’t slip during play. The sleeve keeps the arm warm and helps with elbow strains.

In the beginning, the sleeve felt a little bit restrictive but after some time it smoothed out. Overall the compression arm sleeve provided good support and comfort. However, the sleeve could be a little bit longer so it would cover the whole tricep.