What Does Love Mean In Tennis?

Love is a tennis term that refers to a player having 0 points, games, or sets in the current match. For example, if the situation is 40-0 the umpire announces it as “forty-love”.

What is Love in Tennis?

When Does Love occur?

Love can occur in situations such as:

  • The game is 15-0 (fifteen-love)
  • The game is 30-0 (thirty-love)
  • The game is 40-0 (forty-love)
  • The game is 0-15 (love-fifteen)
  • The game is 0-30 (love-thirty)
  • The game is 0-40 (love-forty)

If both of the players have 0 points in a new game the situation is called Love-All (0-0).

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