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Raquex — Evolve Overgrip Review (2024)

Racquex Evolve Overgrips

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  • Durability
  • Easy to install
  • Good moisture control
  • Various colors


  • Only two color variations are available for the boxes: Black & Multicolored
  • The length of the grip could be longer for larger racket grip sizes

Review & Playtest

The Racquex Evolve overgrips come in boxes of five grips. The color options for the boxes are Black or Multicolored (Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, and Red). In this review, I have tested the multicolored set. 

I tested Raquex’s Evolve overgrips because I have always preferred the perforated grips over plain grips. For me, the perforated grips provide better grip and moisture control. I have previously used Wilson’s Pro perforated overgrips which has proven to be one of the best perforated overgrips for me. 

After testing Raquex’s Evolve overgrips I consider them to be a good alternative to Wilson’s Pro perforated overgrips. The Evole overgrips have a good perforated design which improves the moisture control of the grip. The surface of the grip is also tacky enough to provide a good hold.

Compared to the Wilson Pro perforated overgrips the Raquex’s Evolve overgrips have a better durability but slightly weaker hold. Thanks to the Evolve overgrips durability they can easily be used for 10+ hours before needing to be replaced, unlike Wilson’s Pro perforated overgrips which last 6-7 hours max.

However, the Evolve overgrips are a little bit shorter than other overgrips so they might need some stretching when applied to a grip size 3 and 4.